DVDs and Digital Screeners

Closed captioning or subtitling is REQUIRED and MUST be provided as an
option on all DVDs, digital screeners, and FYC streaming sites. 

During pre-nom, Audio Descriptions are strongly encouraged whenever possible for members who are blind or have low vision. Audio Descriptions are required for any final voting FYC made available digitally.

Films provided to the Nom Comm for consideration must be full-length and a final cut. Any film in consideration must have premiered during the calendar year, and meet all other eligibility requirements.

Television programs provided for consideration may include full seasons as long as all episodes provided fall within the calendar year, and meet all other eligibility requirements. 


  • Total Count: 2,600 per Nominating Committee (allows for replacements)
  • All DVD art and packaging requires SAG Awards approval. Please email AwardsTeam@sagawards.org to review prior to any printing and duplication. See Mailings for more information.
  • DVDs provided to Nom Comm members for consideration must be sent via our Union mailing house.
  • All titles must have closed captioning or subtitling. Audio descriptions are encouraged whenever possible.
  • Any DVD watermarks specific to our group should say “SAG Awards” or “SAG Awards Nom Comm”.
  • Fee: $1,000 fee per physical mailing.


Advanced approval is required for all digital screener platforms and streaming sites.
Companies may choose from the pre-approved platforms below or submit their own platform/site.

  • All Nom Comm members are assigned a unique 7-digit alphanumeric “Awards PIN” by the SAG Awards. This Awards PIN must be used as a login for digital screeners or streaming sites, unless a static password is used. Contact the Awards Office for exceptions.
  • The SAG Awards Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreement must be completed by the studio or network prior to receiving Nom Comm Awards PINs.
  • Nom Comm members will be notified of individual digital screeners and FYC site access via E-Blast. Links to all digital screeners and streaming sites will live on the Nom Comm private website for reference. 
  • Expiration Date: All digital screeners must expire at 12:00am on January 8, 2024.

Pre-Approved Digital Screener Platforms
The SAG Awards has pre-approved the following digital streaming platforms. You must make arrangements directly with the vendor and complete the SAG Awards Digital Screener Order Form

Outside of the vendors listed above, platforms such as Vimeo or YouTube can also be used to stream.

Digital Screener & Streaming Site Approval Criteria

  • Single-factor Awards PIN login (7-digit alphanumeric unique code) or static password required. Contact the Awards Office for exceptions.
  • At minimum, platforms/sites must be accessible via desktop. Additional device compatibility is encouraged.
  • All titles must have closed captioning or subtitling. Audio description is strongly encouraged whenever possible.
  • No member information outside of the Awards PIN may be captured.
  • Keep URLs, login information, and sites as simple and easy to use as possible. SAG Awards reserves the right to request changes for ease of use.
  • For FYC sites that must include content not eligible for the SAG Awards (unscripted, documentaries, outside of the eligibility period, etc.), we will approve one of the following:
    • Limiting member access to only eligible titles.
    • Adding disclaimers under each ineligible title stating “This content is not eligible for SAG Awards® consideration.



  • Film: $3,000 fee per title; Films made under SAG-AFTRA Low, Moderate Low, or Ultra Low Budget contracts may qualify for a discounted fee of $1,000.
  • Television: $5,000 fee per network site or platform used.
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