Advanced approval is required on ALL EMAIL BLASTS.

Please email E-Blast drafts for approval to: 

Groups Available to E-Blast

  • Nominating Committees: Both the Motion Picture and Television Nominating Committees are available to E-Blast for screenings. 
  • SAG Awards RSVP Group: The SAG Awards has an email database of general members for screening invitations (also known as our “wide” list). You may invite these members to fill Nom Comm screenings (if needed) or other industry screenings.

Companies requesting to invite both Nominating Committee members and the SAG Awards RSVP screening group to events must first invite the Nominating Committee. Invitations may not be emailed to both groups simultaneously. 

Overall E-Blast Guidelines 

NEW: Email blasts to the Nominating Committees will now be limited to the following per title:

  • ONE Digital Screener/Screening Site Notification
            o  Sending digital screeners to the Nom Comm requires approval - please see HERE for more information. A Digital Screener E-Blast template will be provided upon approval.
  • FOUR Live Event Invitations (with 1 reminder blast allowed per event).
            o  Live events must be held and booked on the SAG Awards Q&A Calendar Portal - please see HERE for more information.
  • TWO FYC Extras Blasts 
            o These E-Blasts can feature links to pre-recorded panels, interviews, featurettes, trailers, BTS, studio/network Awards websites, etc.


  • E-Blast requests require at least 24-hour advance notice. 
  • Invitations and FYC E-Blasts must be sent using our Word .doc templates.


  • $1,000 fee per national Event or FYC Extras E-Blast. 
  • $200 fee per subsequent email for events only. This can include 1 reminder E-Blast to the Nom Comm as well as emails sent to the SAG Awards RSVP group to fill a Nom Comm screening. 
  • These fees will be invoiced in early April once Awards season concludes.


  • Invitations must be submitted as Word .doc files. PDFs will not be accepted.
  • Up to 2 images or graphics may be included on each blast. We suggest title treatment and / or a one-sheet. 
            o  Title treatments must be .png and between 700 and 1000 px wide.
            o  One-sheets and photos must be .png and between 1081px x 1600pm.


  • All E-Blasts must include “Paid For” text below: 
  • Any reference to the Nominating Committee must be referred to as the “SAG Awards Nominating Committee” or “SAG Awards Nom Comm”. Please do not use just “SAG” or “SAG Nom Comm.”
  • To avoid confusion, please do not refer to Q&A’s as “Conversations” unless in association with the SAG-AFTRA Foundation.

Live Event Invitation E-Blast Requirements

Details to Include

  • Date / time / description of event (and how to access if applicable)
  • Does the invitation extend to guests in the same space as the Nom Comm member?
  • Digital Screener Access Information - Outline how members will be able to view the film/program before the event:
            o  Previously provided digital screener access
            o  Screening Window
            o  Virtual Screening - shown live before the Q&A
  • RSVP link/email
  • Invitations must include a contact email for members to cancel their RSVP if the need arises. 
  • Runtime
  • Up to 2 reviewer’s quotes may be included.
  • No more than 1 additional link may be included (trailer, awards site, etc).


  • For any RSVP emails created specifically for our group, please do not use the term “SAG”. You may use “SAG Awards” or “SAG Awards Nom Comm”.
            o  For example: TitleSAGAwards@studio.com.
  • Similarly, when noting Nom Comm affiliation in RSVP webforms (drop-down menu, etc.), please use “SAG Awards” or “SAG Awards Nom Comm”.
  • We suggest having 2 RSVP affiliation options - SAG Awards Nom Comm and SAG-AFTRA to differentiate between the Nom Comm and general SAG-AFTRA members attending screenings.


  • Invitations must include a contact email for members to cancel their RSVP if the need arises. 


  • Confirmations for RSVPs are required and must be sent to members via email 24 hours in advance of an event.
  • Confirmations should include the following:
            o  Link or access to view content - if applicable
            o  Date and timing of event 
                       •  If screening live, indicate start time of screening and start time of Q&A portion.
                       •  Will people be able to log into the event once it has started?
            o  Login information
            o  Technical support contact
            o  Cancellation email
  • Any members who RSVP after an event is filled must be notified that they are not confirmed to attend.

FYC Extras E-Blast Requirements

In addition to digital screeners and event invitations, studios/networks may send up to 2 E-Blasts (per title) to Nom Comm members with links to additional FYC bonus features. 

All FYC Extras links must be performance focused.

Allowed Content to Link -

Limit of up to 3 links per E-Blast

  • Pre-Recorded Panels/Events
  • Trailers
  • Featurettes
  • Behind-the-Scenes 
  • Interviews
  • Digital FYC Booklets
  • Screening Websites


  • Up to 2 photos may be included.
  • Up to 2 reviewers quotes may be included.
  • Please only provide hyperlinks. Videos cannot be embedded.  

Click Here to Download SAG Awards Live Virtual Event E-Blast Templates

Click Here to Download SAG Awards FYC Extras E-Blast Templates


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