Submission Material Requirements



  • A DVD or digital screener is required ONLY for the Motion Picture Cast category.
  • Due to the pandemic and Awards staff working remotely, digital screeners are encouraged whenever possible. Digital screeners or links can be sent to
  • Physical screeners can be mailed to SAG Awards - Attn: Submissions 5757 Wilshire Blvd., 7th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90036.
  • DVDs and digital screeners are NOT required for any other categories.

Submission screeners are used solely to verify eligibility and are for Awards Office use only. For DVD mailings to the SAG Awards Nom Comm, please see section on FYC Campaigns.


Required for the following categories:

  • Motion Picture Cast - Main Title legal credits to verify single-card billing.
  • Comedy and Drama Ensembles - Legal credits for each original episode airing during the eligibility period (1/1/2020 - 2/28/2021).

Please submit credits to if not previously uploaded in the submission form.


You MUST upload a photo in the online submission that meets the specs given.  We no longer accept URLs for photo download sites.  

If a photo is unavailable at the time of submission, you may request a photo override on the submission form. Do not upload blank or placeholder photos.

Photos will be used at the televised nominations announcement, as well as for Telecast advertising/promotion, ceremony program book, and on the SAG Awards website.  

  • Motion Picture Categories 

    • Individuals: In-character still from the film (with ONLY the submitted actor pictured).
    • Cast: One sheet/key art (without advertising, laurels quotes, etc.) and title art.
  • Television Categories

    • Individuals: In-character still (with ONLY the submitted actor pictured).
    • Ensemble: Ensemble photo and show logo (without advertising, laurels quotes, etc.).
  • Stunt Categories

    • Title art or show logo (without advertising, laurels quotes, etc.).
  • Specs
    • Hi-Res, Color (1800 pixels on the longest side; 300 dpi)
    • JPG, PNG, or TIFF files
    • In-character photos are required. However, if the actor is not recognizable in costume, please submit an approved headshot.


Studios and networks in conjunction with the film or program’s stunt coordinator must provide a list of all eligible stunt performers.  Review stunt ensemble eligibility requirements here

  • Due once submitted, but must be provided no later than the point of nomination (Feb. 4, 2021).   
  • Lists must be in Excel format and include names and email addresses for all eligible stunt performers.
  • Email lists to
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