Eligibility Criteria

The below is meant to serve as a guide. Please refer to our complete Rules and Regulations for details.


Motion pictures and primetime television programs first exhibited or broadcast during the calendar year 2023 shall be eligible for submission. Films or television programs need not be in English.

Motion picture and television productions made within SAG-AFTRA's jurisdiction must be signatory to a Screen Actors Guild ("SAG"), American Federation of Television and Radio Artists ("AFTRA"), or a SAG-AFTRA collective bargaining agreement.

Productions made outside the United States in which a SAG-AFTRA member is employed are eligible provided SAG-AFTRA determines that the member's employment is covered by a SAG, AFTRA, or SAG-AFTRA contract in accordance with Global Rule 1.

Motion picture and television productions filmed completely outside the U.S. with an entirely foreign cast may be eligible.


Motion pictures must be scripted, feature-length (over 60 minutes in running time), and first exhibited during the calendar year 2023 (January 1 - December 31, 2023).  

  • Motion pictures must be first publicly exhibited (previews excluded) before a paying audience in a commercial motion picture house for at least seven (7) day consecutive run during the eligibility period in at least one of the major markets outlined below:
    • Los Angeles County
    • City of New York (any of the five boroughs)
    • Bay Area (counties of San Francisco, Marin, Alameda, San Mateo, and Contra Costa)
    • Chicago Area (Cooke County)
    • Miami-Dade County
    • Atlanta (Fulton County) 
  • Any eligible motion picture with a day and date release in theaters and on video on demand ("VOD"), or other streaming platform is eligible as a Motion Picture and may only be submitted as a Motion Picture.
  • Documentaries are not eligible. 


Television programs must have first aired in the United States in primetime (between 8pm -11pm Monday through Saturday and 7pm - 11pm Sunday) and in the case of streaming programs must have first been exhibited on a recognized streaming platform in the United States and share the traditional primetime format relevant to all programs eligible for nomination. Eligible programs must be broadcast or streamed during the calendar year 2023 (January 1 - December 31, 2023).  

Comedy and Drama Series

  • Comedy and Drama Series are defined as scripted programs with multiple episodes (minimum or 4), in which the ongoing theme, storyline, and main characters are presented under the same title.
  • All series episodes must have a minimum running time of 20 minutes.

Comedy Series

  • Series must be primarily comedic and marketed/advertised as such.
  • Sketch and Variety: In order for a sketch or variety program to be considered a Comedy Series, content must be 100% scripted with recurring characters appearing in sketches within the eligible season. Variety programs with unscripted interviews are not eligible.

Drama Series

  • Series must be primarily dramatic and marketed/advertised as such.

Limited Series

  • Limited series are defined as a scripted, multi-part program with 2 or more episodes, and a total running time of at least 150 program minutes.
  • It tells a complete story and does not have a continuing storyline and/or main characters in subsequent seasons.
  • Limited series must be marketed/advertised as such.
  • Series with 3 or fewer installments during the calendar year may still be considered in the Limited Series category.
  • Anthology Series that tell a complete, non-recurring story in each episode or installment also qualify in this category.

Television Movie

  • TV Movies are defined as a scripted, single, closed-end program, which tells a story with a beginning, middle, and end, with a minimum duration of primarily 90 minutes.
  • TV Movies must be marketed/advertised as such.
  • Any television movie or limited series previously submitted as a motion picture is not eligible.

Television programs need not be in English. Television productions filmed completely outside the US with an entirely foreign cast may be eligible.


Motion Picture Cast Inclusion
  • Single-card main title billing

Comedy and Drama Television Ensemble Inclusion 

  • Must meet one of the below requirements for inclusion:
    • Have a series regular contract and appear in a predetermined minimum number of original episodes airing during the calendar year 2023. See grid below for required minimums.
    • Have guest star billing and appear in a majority (51%) of original episodes (i.e. 6/10, 7/13, 12/22) airing during the calendar year 2023.
    • Actors with co-star billing are not eligible for inclusion.
    • In cases of undefined billing in foreign productions where series regular, guest star, and co-star designations are not made, performers must appear in a majority (51%) of original episodes aired in the calendar year 2023 for inclusion in the ensemble.
      *All eligible actors must be included.

Series Regular Eligibility Grid

Episodes Aired during 
Eligibility Period

Min. Episodes
4-6 2
7-8  3
9 -11 4
12 -13 5
14 - 16 6
17 - 18 7
19 -21 8
22 - 23 9
24 10

 There are no minimum episode count requirements when submitting in an individual television category (Male or Female Actor in a Drama/Comedy/Limited Series).


Stunt Ensemble Motion Picture Inclusion

  • For an individual stunt player to be eligible, that player must have worked under a stunt contract on the nominated motion picture.

Stunt Ensemble in a Television Series Inclusion

  • For an individual stunt player to be eligible, that player must have worked under a stunt contract in 3 or more episodes on the nominated series during the calendar year 2023.
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