Willo Farm

Willo Farm is excited to grow together with the SAG AFTRA community and their outstanding green initiatives in our communities.  Willo is on a mission to unleash the power of plants to feed, fuel and heal a growing population. With every Willo harvest, we are growing smarter, faster and more efficiently.

Willo utilizes state-of-the-art indoor vertical farming technology to bring agriculture into the 21st century — and directly to consumers’ front doors. Subscribers have year-round access to the highest quality produce on the market, with zero pesticides, heavy metals and contaminants. Willo’s mission is to prevent and eliminate diet-related disease by revitalizing the ancient relationship between human health and plant-based food.  Willo gives its members the resources and support they need to customize their produce to improve their wellness and suit their discerning tastes.

Website: https://willo.farm

Instagram: @willo_farm

Facebook: facebook.com/willowfarmproduce

Twitter: @willo_farm


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