Eligibility Criteria


The below is meant to serve as a guide. Please refer to our complete Rules and Regulations for details.


Must be scripted, feature-length (over 60 minutes in running time), and first exhibited during the eligibility period of January 1, 2020 - Februay 28, 2021.  

  • Films with a planned theatrical release, which are streamed or made available on VOD prior to release in the eligibilty period may qualify due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Due to the impact of the pandemic, films are not required to have a theatrical release during the eligibilty period to qualify in the Motion Pictures category.
  • Short films (60 minutes or less in running time) and documentaries are not eligible. 
  • Films shot completely outside of the US with an entirely foreign cast may be eligible.


Television and cable programs must have first aired in the United States in primetime (between 8 pm -11 pm Monday through Saturday and 7 pm - 11 pm Sunday) and in the case of new media programs must have first been exhibited on a recognized new media platform in the United States and share the traditional primetime format relevant to all programs eligible for nomination. Eligible programs must be broadcast or streamed during eligibility period of January 1, 2020 - Februay 28, 2021.  

Comedy Series

  • A 30-minute scripted comedy series format with an ongoing theme and storyline in a minimum of 4 continuous episodes 
  • In order for a sketch comedy program to be considered, content must be 100% scripted with recurring characters appearing in sketches within the eligible season.

Drama Series

  • A 60-minute scripted drama series format with an ongoing theme and storyline in a minimum of 4 continuous episodes (reducible to a storyline of four continuous episodes in the cases in which the series is subject to a “short order”).

Television Movie

  • A scripted single closed-end program which tells a story with a beginning, middle and end, with a minimum duration of primarily 90 minutes.

Limited Series

  • A scripted, single title, multi-part closed-end program based on a single theme or storyline which is resolved within the piece in two or more installments, with a minimum duration of primarily 150 minutes.
  • Series with four or fewer installments in a calendar year may be considered in the Limited Series category. Any television movie or limited series previously submitted as a motion picture is not eligible. 
Motion Picture Cast Inclusion
  • Single-card main title billing

Comedy and Drama Television Ensemble Inclusion 

  • Must meet one of the below requirements for inclusion:
    • Have a series regular contract and appear in a predetermined minimum number of original episodes airing in 2020. See grid below for required minimums.
    • Have guest star billing and appear in a majority (51%) of original episodes airing during the eligibility period (i.e. 6/10, 7/13, 12/22).
      *All eligible actors must be included.

Series Regular Eligibility Grid

Episodes Aired during 
eligibility period

Min. Episodes
4-6 2
7-8  3
9 -11 4
12 -13 5
14 - 16 6
17 - 18 7
19 -21 8
22 - 23 9
24 10


There are no minimum episode count requirements when submitting in an individual television category (Male or Female Actor in a Drama/Comedy/Limited Series).  

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