Transcript THE CROWN

Olivia Colman, Accepting: I'm going to attempt to say everybody's names. So on behalf of Tobias [Menzies], Helena [Bonham Carter], Marion [Bailey], Emma [Corrin], Josh [O’Connor], Gillian [Anderson], Erin [Doherty], Emerald [Fennell], Stephen [Boxer], Freddie [Fox], Rebecca, Georgie, Angus, Isabel, Jeffrey, Nicholas, three Toms, two Charlies, Andrew, Jessica, Richard, Harry, Nancy, Daniel, Tony, Jay, Eve, Annette, Paul, Dom, Alana, Mark, and Richard. And there are many more. We'd like to say thank you very much SAG-AFTRA. And to Peter Morgan for writing so many lovely parts. We all loved it. Let's do it again. And I think I speak for all of us. We'd all like to say thank you to our wonderful National Health Service during this very peculiar year. We're very lucky, in the U.K., to have you. Thank you all very much. Thanks Actors.