Transcript Desperate Housewives

DOUG SAVANT: Good evening. We'd like to use this award to ring the death knell to reality television. [applause] The incredible success of "Desperate Housewives" begins and ends with one man, and that's Mr. Marc Cherry. He is actually in his office right now working, writing, and he is as kind and generous, and ethical as he is talented. And we wanted to let you know that tonight.

We want to thank our executive producer, Mr. Tom Spezialy and Michael Edelstein. [applause] The overworked and often under-recognized, Mr. George Perkins, all of - is George here? - all of our directors and writers who make our show all that it is. We would also - no actor stands on the stage without first gaining the support and confidence of a casting director, and we have two brilliant casting directors - because they cast us [laughter] - they are Junie Lowry-Johnson and Scott Genkinger. [applause]

All you actors out there, if you do audition for our show, you will be treated well, you will be treated with respect, and when you leave, you will think, "Wow! That was almost like acting." [laughter] Lastly, we too celebrate, or share this award, with every guest cast and day player who has graced our set with their talent. And to our Screen Actors Guild stand-ins, Rosie, Jenny, Patty, Sandra, Scott, Dawn, Mark, and Eric who runs the football pool. [laughter]

Thank you for this honor. God bless. [applause]