Transcript Lackawanna Blues

There's nothing in my bra... [laughter] there's nothing in my head, it's all in my heart. This is so lovely. You know, if I said I was at a loss for words, there would be a bunch of people out here that would call me a liar. [laughter] So, there's some people I really need to thank. My manager and long-time friend, Craig Dorfman. [applause] This is my baby brother back here, it couldn't have happened to me in a lovelier way with Ben. [applause]

To HBO and Colin Calendar, and all the people at HBO - I'm repeating myself, am I? To the producers of "Lackawanna Blues," Ruben Santiago-Hudson, who allowed us to visit this woman - they're counting me down - to my new family at Gersh, Bob, Laurie Bartlett, and Sally Ware sitting on her couch in New York. To Roger Haber, Bernadette Jacobs, Barry Kaplan at Artists Financial.

And I have to say a public thank you to my divorce lawyer. [laughs] [laughter/applause] [screams out] Sandy Ayn and Clair Miller. But mostly I want to thank the Screen Actors Guild for making me a part of this community. Thank you. [applause]