Transcript Desperate Housewives

Thank you so much. Thank you to the Screen Actors Guild, to Marc Cherry, who never sees the light of day, to all of our writers, Tom Spezialy, Kevin Murphy. Our producers, George Perkins, Larry Shaw - you know how when you do this you can't remember your mom's name? David Grossman... thank you to the crew, which is tireless, to the dream team of Sherilyn [sp] Stubbs and James Dunham. To Marcia, Teri, Eva, Nicolette and Alfre. To my other TV husband, Doug Savant.

I love actors, I married one - okay I married a fantastic one. [laughter/applause] I know. But even more than acting, I love the community of actors. I love the green room, I love the hair and makeup trailer, and I am so grateful that I am acting, and I am so grateful I can make a living at it, because I was never very good at math. [laughter] So thank you very much. [applause]