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SANDRA OH: Thank you so much. We've had such a great ride and this has been such a great experience to be here with all fellow actors. To Paul Giamatti, the center of our ensemble, I thank you so much. [applause] This has been such a pure filmmaking experience, and for a variety of reasons, 'cause everyone was working at their best. And thank you to our great casting director, John Jackson, who brought us Marylouise Burke and Jessica Hecht and Patrick Gallagher, the great and naked M.C. Gainey --

VIRGINIA MADSEN: The naked man.

OH: Yeah, the naked man. To Fox, Searchlight, Mr. G., and Peter Price, Claudia Lewis, who supported this film tremendously, and all the foxy ladies at Fox who support us. And mostly to our great producer, Michael London, and because they never questioned the director's vision to cast who he wanted. And I thank you guys for that, because it doesn't happen all the time. And of course, to our great visionary director, Alexander Payne who... [applause] he's great, he's really great... who is in Sweden right now - hi honey - and to Jim Taylor, who wrote such a beautiful script, which is like manna from Heaven for all actors.

For Alexander Payne the director, who saw in each one of us something that most people don't usually see. So, thank you for giving us a shot, and thank you for voting for us. Thank you. [applause]