Transcript Fosse/Verdon

Female Actor in a TV Movie or Limited Series.

MICHELLE WILLIAMS: Thank you so much for

this. When I was 12, in between extra work and the

occasional infomercial, I mystifyingly had the good

fortune to be in a movie with Sir Ben Kingsley, and he

said something to me that I -- I still think about. He

said, "I don't like to act. It is very lonely. I like

to react."

And I know I felt that loneliness, and we

both felt loneliness. And sometimes you are in a scene

and you are doing a monologue, or sometimes you are in a

scene with somebody else that you feel like you are

doing a monologue, or sometimes you are acting with

someone and their ego, which is very lonely. And

sometimes you are acting with a dog. And sometimes you

get so damn lucky that you find yourself opposite Sam


Sam, I found Gwen by looking at Bob. There

he was looking back at me always telling the truth and

in exquisite detail. I could believe that I was Gwen

because I knew that you were Bob.

Incidentally, I got to work with Sir Ben one

more time 15 years later, and I was playing a ghost.

And he asked me how that was going for me, and he


remarked on the inherent loneliness of the character.

And he said that he, himself, would never play a ghost

again because it is difficult for an actor. You never

know where in Earth you are coming from or where the

hell you are going to. And I never felt like that

thanks to the insight of Nicole Fosse, the constancy of

our crew, our writers, our dance team, our music team,

and Jackie Rosado and Nicole Bridge who did my hair and


Tommy, like everything else, I share this

with you. And Matilda, it is one thing to be completely

honest as an actor, and it is another thing to be

completely honest as a human being, and that is just who

you are and how you live. You teach me just by being

you. I know I can love you, and I am coming home.

Thank you.