Transcript Fleabag


PHOEBE WALLER-BRIDGE: Oh, my God. Thank you,

everyone. Oh, my God. I normally try to be spontaneous

in these speeches, but I didn't trust myself not to be

bleeped out this time, so I have written something down.

First, I want to say a massive, massive thank

you to my agency ETA and Hatton McEwan Penford and Alec

Drysdale an independent. And my amazing team with PJ

Shapiro and Carl, Christine, and Jenny, and Alexis who

just brought me along this journey and kept me so calm

and have been a real, also, fun party crowd at the same


So this is what I really wanted to say, the Flea

Bag team go home tomorrow back to the UK, except for

Brett, who you get to keep, lucky things. But I have to

say from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being so

supportive of our show on these shores. With all of the

chaos of outfits and the interviews, and the six-pack

that my makeup artist drew on me this evening, and the --

and of the free drinks and the after parties and all of

the amazing Hollywoody things that happen here, it is

quite easy to be distracted from the thing that has

actually happened to us. And at some point it will all

hit me, and I will go into a corner and have a good

(overlapping speaker) --' cry about it.

But tonight, we, as a Flea Bag gang from the UK,

will soak this up and celebrate and spend this evening

with all of you amazing actors in a room that I never

imagined that I would ever be in, so thank you. I --

this whole thing has really has been a dream, and if I

wake up tomorrow and discover it was just that, then

thank you. It has been the most beautiful dream. Thank