Transcript Will & Grace

Wow, this is truly - my heart's racing, I can't believe it. I first of all would like to thank Ang Lee for taking a chance on me. [laughter/applause] Clearly, I did not fail him because I'm here. [laughter] And I know everyone in Hollywood, you know, knows that it's such a risk to play a gay character, and... [laughter] sure I had some reservations, but... because of the success of my film, think of the opportunities I'll have now. [laughs] I'm kidding.

No, I would like to thank, at this time, because it's the last season of "Will & Grace," it really is kind of a sad goodbye to all of my best friends that I work with every day, and everybody that works in the show. And the cast and crew, they are going to miss me. [laughter] But most of all, and most importantly, all of the actors who thought this actor had an ounce of talent. I thank you. Thank you. [applause]