Transcript The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel



ALEX BORSTEIN: I voted for FLEABAG. This is

really weird. This makes no sense. I don't know what

to say. I'm going to take this home and make sweet love

to it through my Spanx hole. Anybody else have anything

to say? This makes no sense. FLEABAG is brilliant.

You guys are brilliant.

RACHEL BROSNAHAN: I'm very, very surprised.

ALEX BORSTEIN: I didn't vote for Rachel. I

didn't vote for Tony.

RACHEL BROSNAHAN: I forgot to vote.

ALEX BORSTEIN: This makes no sense. We --

wow. I can't -- somebody else fucking --

RACHEL BROSNAHAN: We just want to say,

obviously, this is a huge ensemble. We are so proud to

be a part of -- this ensemble extends far beyond those

that you see on this stage.

We are missing, as Tony said, one really,

really important member of our ensemble tonight, Brian

Tarantina. We had such an amazing time with him here

last year.

So thank you so, so much for this. This is

dedicated to him. Thank you to our casting directors

Jeanie, Meredith, Cindy for bringing us all together.

Thank you, guys. This is a mistake, but thank you.