Transcript 24

I am in shock... this is the community that I wanted to belong all my life and you have been so gracious and kind to me. Tonight is really special for me, I'm with my step-son, Timothy, so I really want to take a moment just to thank my family for being so patient and kind with me over the years; to all the actors that I've worked with, I've learned so much, I've never had a bad experience. And as an actor you realize that you can't do this on your own, so there are some people I have to thank.

It starts with the writing, Joe Surnow, Bob Cochran, Howard Gordon, Michael Loceff, Evan Katz, all of the wonderful writers on our show. John Kassar, this is yours, mate. [applause] And John Kassar is our director, and I cannot thank you enough. Suzan Bymel, you've stood by me through the peaks and the valleys, I can't thank you enough, my friends, my family, thank you very, very much. [applause]