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JENNIFER ANISTON: What? Oh, my gosh. This is

so unbelievable. What a room.

You know, I was thinking back to when I was a

little girl, and I would -- I didn't have a VCR but I

had a tape recorder and I would tape LaVerne & Shirley,

Happy Days and -- on my tape deck, and I would listen to

these episodes in my head. And I would just think, "I'm

going to, one day, I'm going to do that. I really know

I'm going to get out of this house" -- that's another

story -- "and I am going to be on there, I'm going to be


And then I got a Bob's Big Boy commercial, and

I got into SAG, and that's -- that was a hum- -- very

humble beginnings, but you have to start somewhere.

So I just have to say I'm so grateful, first of

all, Kerry Ehrin our extraordinary head writer, who

created these, not just one, but so many characters that

are so layered and complicated and messy and ugly and

just beautifully human. And boy, did we get to dive

deep into our own experiences and our own history and

really be able to breathe life into these extraordinary


I mean, who knew that emotional breakdowns felt

that good. It was literally, like, you know,

seven months of therapy covered about 20 years of work.

So thank you for watching that.

And just every actor in this room, Mimi Leder,

our fearless leader, Michael Ellenberg.

Reese Witherspoon -- where are you? -- my

partner in crime. I love, girl. It took 20 years, but

we did it, finally.

And my producing partner Kristin Hahn, Amanda

Anka, Kristin, top of the hill. Laura Canon, dreams do

come true, honey.

And all of you, your performances inspire me.

For years. I feel like we've kind of grown up together,

and I'm just -- I know that you know the few times I've

been invited back into this room over the last

20-something years, it's been so special, the times that

I've been invited. And to be up here is truly an honor.

Thank you.

Oh, Adam Sandler, your performance is

extraordinary and your magic is real, buddy. I love