Transcript The Crown

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The Crown

HELEN BONHAM: My son is here, and, you know,

obviously winning doesn't mean anything. It is about the

(Inaudible). It is so nice to win. I have been told to

speak on behalf --

Unless you guys want to say something?


HELEN BONHAM: I am sorry there are only three

of us here. There are 249 members of the Crown cast, but

we couldn't all come here. We are all working, like,

tomorrow, and we are leaving in about five mines, but,

thank you so much.

Obviously, we are all here because of other

people's really good work. I think it would be nice to

thank Nina Gold who cast us. And, obviously, we wouldn't

be anywhere without the words of Morgan, and thank you

for his genius, and Left Bank and Netflix. It is the

most fun job, and I am amazed that we get a prize on top

of the funness of doing it.

It is our privilege to be in this great job. I

have had the time of my life. I think we all have. And

it is really as good as it gets, this show. I really

recommend it if you want another job.

It is amazing how well produced this thing is,

and it is because of Suzanne Mackie and Andy Harries over

there. I would thank everybody, but they are all asleep

at home, so there is no point. And Netflix, I love you

very much. Lots of love, thank you.