Transcript The Constant Gardener

Well, thank you so much, it's so special to be honored by fellow actors. So thanks very much to the tribe. Thank you. And thank you to all the incredible actors in the cast, I share this with so many: Ray Fiennes, Danny, Huston, Hubert Koundé, Pete Postlethwaite, Bill Nighy, Juliet Aubrey, such incredible actors, and non-actors as well, the children and the adults of the slums of Kibera and the El Molo tribe of Loiyangalani in Northern Kenya, and Fernando Meirelles, the director who orchestrated all of this between... [applause] between us actors and the non-actors, with such unsentimental empathy. And he let all the actors and non-actors run free and wild, and it was an incredible experience.

And the producer, Simon Channing-Williams, who was so sensitive in creating a relationship with all the people that we filmed within Kenya. And to Focus, you're such an incredible company to work with, and you dare to tell such daring stories. Thank you for giving me this job. [applause]

And my agent, Jenny Rawlings, my manager Stacey Boniello for all their support, and Darren Aronofsky, my - I don't know what to call you – my everything. Thank you for everything. [laughter]

Thank you. [applause]