Transcript Marriage Story

Female Actor in a Supporting Role

LAURA DERN: Now I am emotional because I got

(Inaudible) up with my dad. Thank you, Screen Actors

Guild. Thank you, actors.

What an incredible room to be in, to be in

celebration of all of these extraordinary performances of

my fellow nominees and all of you and acknowledged by our


I thank Netflix. The amazing Ted, Scott,

everyone, that team. My champions, Peter, Jason,

Charlie, Annette, all that guide me.

I want to thank our Marriage Story family. Our

leader and hero, Noah Baumbach and our incredible cast.

To Adam and Scarlet and the two partners-in-law. I would

love to share this with the extraordinary Alan Alda and

Ray Liotta.

To casting directors, Francine and Doug. To all

casting directors who have somehow found out, discovered

us. Namely Lynn Stalmaster for telling me to study and

try this.

And to all of you actors, I literally, literally

would not be here if it weren't for actors, so Bruce Dern

and Diane Ladd.

And thank you for raising me in the community of

your friends, on your movies, doing your plays, and

getting to know the wealth of these extraordinary people.

And for my Grandma Mary, raising me and my best

friend Balina on daily television reruns and the

partnership and the voices and the people that I watched

and loved forever, Lucille Ball, Vivian Vance, Helen

Moran, and, you know, all of the amazing artists, Redd

Foxx, Freddie Prinze, everyone that we got to grow up

with that made us want to do this. Thank you, all.

And I am staring at my, also, Big Little Lies

family. We get to love each other and work together. We

are the most blessed people in the world. Thank you so

much. Thank you much fun. And I love you dad.