Transcript Judy



RENÉE ZELLWEGER: Oh, wow. Hello, my family.

What an honor. What an honor from my actor family.

Thank you so much for this. And thank you for inviting

me here alongside my extraordinary sisters, whose work

touches me so deeply. I celebrate y'all whenever you

come out with anything with a popcorn breakfast at the

theatre, and it's migrate honor to be here tonight

alongside y'all. And I'm just so grateful and for the

privilege of reflecting on the life of one of our own

and most beloved.

I have to thank my fellow actors: The gifted

Jessie Buckley and Finn Wittrock, Rufus Sewell, Darci

and Bella and Andy and Royce and Lewin and Dan and


Sharing the celebration of Judy Garland's

legacy will always be one of my greatest life blessings.

And if I could squeeze in a "thank you" to

Helen Cates from Texas. Thank you for sharing early

days with me and letting me sleep on your couch. I

still look up to you.

Tom Cruise, for your example of professionalism

am on set and striving for excellence and generosity and

unconditional kindness.

And Vincent D'Onofrio, thank you for showing me

how to work and the seriousness of work so that it can

matter more.

And to this community, y'all have taught me so

much along the way, and I'm so grateful to you,

especially to my sisters. Your example inspires me. I

feel so lucky to be a member of this family of story

tellers, who gets to do work that reflects the

experience of being human and fosters understanding and

empathy and unity and, with some luck, maybe pushes

history a little bit closer to the light.

Judy Garland, 50 years later, your community is

thinking of you tonight. This is for you.

Thank you so much, everyone. Thank you so