Transcript Desperate Housewives

SHAWN PYFROM: What a great start. [laughs]

NICOLETTE SHERIDAN: Good way to break the ice.

PYFROM: Yeah. Well... first off, this is so intimidating.

SHERIDAN: You can do it.

PYFROM: Just thank you to the Screen Actors Guild, you know, for giving us all this moment, you know, to stand up here and thank our peers for nominating us, and voting for us, and, of course, we wouldn't all be standing up here if it wasn't for our amazing cast and - this is like my heart is beating out of my chest. [laughter] And our producers and amazing writers, and the brilliant Marc Cherry and ABC and Touchstone, and just... our casting directors. Thank you to all of you. [applause] [laughs] Please don't hate me, guys. [laughs]