Transcript Cinderella Man

Gosh, that's heavy. Wow. Well then now, this is a hell of a thing. This is a great thing. I cannot imagine a greater honor than being acknowledged by my peers. Nothing better. Thank you very, very much to the Screen Actors Guild. I would also like to thank the fine folks at Universal and Mr. Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, who gave me a job.

Being an actor is a hell of a thing. It's a hell of a thing. It's up and down, it's just - it's great. [laughter] But I found the best thing about it is hanging around the Craft Service table... [laughter] with other actors... and crew people... eating donuts. And I hang around a lot there. [laughter] But that really is...

So I'd like to take the opportunity to say thanks to all the actors and the crew people who have spent time with me at the Craft Service table, shooting the shit, [laughter] and eating donuts, and having a hell of a good time, because they're weird, interesting people in our business. [laughter] And I'm proud to be numbered among them. Thank you very much. [laughter/applause]