Transcript The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story

Wow. Thank you so much, everybody. Fellow

nominees, boys, we got nominated with Anthony Hopkins, Sir

Anthony Hopkins. So that's a feather in my cap I would have

never imagined. So it's an honor to be in your company as


I find it appropriate that this statuette is sort of

choosing between which masks to use and the character that

played Andrew Cunanan and unfortunately used masks to destroy

things. And so as an actor, my goal was to hopefully create

something positive, to use masks to create a positive change.

And so for any of the families and friends of those

that are still affected by the destruction that he wrought, I

hope that they know that our goal was not to make a spectacle

of their tragedy, but to create a positive dialog about social

issues and bring to justice things that were in the shadows.

I am so honored to be part of this union. And if

there was a category -- I hope there will be in the future --

if there's a category for ensemble in a miniseries, I know

they would certainly be here. So I share this with all those

talented men and women, day players, guest stars. You know

who you are.

You lifted me up on and off screen, and you made

this an experience that I will cherish forever. This is a

high that will last a lifetime. And it is such an honor to be

acknowledged by all of you. So whether you voted here or at

home over there, thank you so very much.

And if you are an actor, whether you are starting

out, breaking through, or holding on, I wish you all the best.

Break a leg. Thank you, guys.