Transcript Angels in America

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you. I’d like to thank Carrie ­ Carrie, Colin and Chris, and all at HBO, for raising the bar for humanity on what we’re allowed to show. Uncomfortable truths, homosexual youth, middle-aged heterosexual glory, Al Pacino’s face, Emma Thompson’s grace, Tony Kushner’s incomparable story. Forgiving Mike Nichols, a truckload of shekels to bring this sweet tale to the masses. Of rose-lipped maidens and light-foot lads, and how quickly all of it passes.

If anyone’s biting his cuticles, ow… lest I say anything political now, I’m only an actor, this isn’t the factor. God forbid I should seen hypercritical, but it is a fact, I’ve been lucky to act with gratitude and joy, in this story of love that shone down from above on the life of a dying boy.

Thank you, Tony, for writing this beautiful piece, “Angels in America.” And thank you actors, friends, many of whom I’ve worked with, all of whom I’ve very grateful for this wonderful statuette… and honor. Thank you very much. [applause]