Transcript Escape at Dannemora

Patricia Arquette: Thank you so much. Whoa, I

thought you were saying Patricia Clarkson, so I was

saying, "Yeah, she is awesome." I told her I wanted to

go to her acting class when we were outside.

Thank you to my fellow nominees. I love all of

your work. I am inspired by all of you. I want to thank

my family. My boyfriend, Eric White. My friends for all

of your support. My team Stacy, Phil, and Molly Madden.

I want to thank Ben Stiller for your incredible

support. For letting me explore Tilly, and believing

that there was value to the way that she saw the world,

she felt, her sexuality, and all of it.

Benicio Benicio del Toro, you are a beast and

one of the most amazing actors I have ever watched. You

blew my mind.

Paul Dano, you are an inspiration and truly

honest, integral, and bare. I learned so much from both

of you.

Eric Lange, thank you for your incredible work.

I was looking at the list of all of the actors that

worked on this today; and it was six pages long on an

IMDB, and you were all incredible.

Everyone, one order of business, some production

companies are not paying people their overtime and their

meal penalties. So start taking pictures of your

Schedule G and your call sheet because actors depend on

that money to survive, so we have to stop that practice.

Oh, thank you, Robert Mueller, and everyone

working to make sure that we have sovereignty for the

United States of America. Thank you.