Transcript Angels in America

Thank you. Thank you. I can’t believe Jeffrey and Justin, and all the wonderful nominees here, I thank you. This is all new actors, I know it means so much to get any part, you know, and especially a great part. These are one of the things we live for, is that opportunity. And here it is with Roy Cohn, I had this great part. Tony wrote this magnificent character, and it was a privilege to be involved with such an amazing piece of work as “Angels in America.” And I owe a great debt to Mike Nichols for casting me, and for helping me. I want to thank him, and I want to thank the wonderful cast and crew of “Angels in America.”

And I want to thank you actors of the Screen Actors Guild members for honoring me with this. I wish you all luck, I hope you all can get a part that you really love ­ it’s really great. I thank you all. Thank you. [applause]