Transcript Ozark

Thank you. This is reassuring. Truly, though,

you know, I mean, I am glad I won tonight because,

really, I said if I am lucky enough to do this, I would

love to say that, you know, I was lucky enough to start

coming to this show a few years ago, but there was a lot

of years where I wasn't. And I am sure a lot of us in

this room can say the same thing. And I know there are a

lot of our fellow union members that are not here or are

not working as frequently as they might want to, and that

was certainly the case for me for a long time. You

wonder if you got it. You wonder if you are any good

because what we are doing is we're liars up there, you

know, and we're wondering if people are buying it.

Everybody is just a job away. For me it is

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. I am very, very grateful for that

show. I just want to say to the people that are at home

and not working as frequently as they want, you are just

one job away. You are plenty talented and hang in there.

I want to thank the voters of SAG-AFTRA. There

are a lot of people I would love to thank, but I am out

of time, so I am looking forward to doing that personally
face to face. I would like to say specifically, though,

to my wife and my two daughters, Amanda, Franny and

Maple, without you none of it would be enjoyable, and it

probable wouldn't be possible. I love you more than I

even tell you that I do, and I will be home for kisses,

so don't go to bed. Amanda, pop a mint; I am going to

come give you yours in about five minutes.