Transcript Will & Grace

MEGAN MULLALLY: Okay, well I brought Mother Nature with me. Because I couldn’t do the show without Debra and Sean and Eric, they are so amazing. And Debra is so deserving, she’s just a great actress, I hope you all get a chance to work with her some day, it’s a real treat. Other than that, I am absolutely stunned to be standing here, that’s why I brought Debra, so I thought may she could say something about me. [laughter] ‘Cause I got nothin’.

DEBRA MESSING: She’s really, really funny.

MULLALLY: How ‘bout that. But my dad was an actor and I struggled for almost 20 years before I got “Will & Grace,” and the greatest thing about it is to be able to have a forum to express yourself creatively. I feel so lucky, and I cannot believe that I have been recognized now, three times, by you. And the people out there watching, who aren’t here tonight, all the actors, it is so moving to me. We love our show and Debra, I love you, and Eric and Sean, and we have a good thing. Thank you so much. [applause]