Transcript Monk

Thank you so much, I am so deeply unprepared. [laughter] I’m so thankful, so proud to be an actor. It is my fondest wish that all of you, all of the actors here tonight, and watching at home, have the opportunity to work with a team of people that I work with. I want to thank our executive producer and co-creator, David Hoberman for two things. First for coming up with the idea for this character, and second, for recruiting the perfect writer to bring this character and all the characters to life, Andy Breckman. Thanks to Andy and his whole team of writers.

And I want to thank my manager and dear friend Mary Goldberg who’s here tonight. For her faith and guidance for persuading me to do this part. And Jeff Wachtel at USA for working his magic, to make that this show saw the light of day in the first place.

Also to our show runner, Randy Zisk, and our supervising producer, Fern Field, who inspires all of us with her work ethic, which basically centers around the idea that it’s never good enough. Thank you, Fern, we couldn’t do this without you. To the cast and crew, my beautiful family, and all of you, I thank you. [applause]