Transcript Green Book

Mahershala Ally: SAG, thank you for this. Timothy,

Adam, Richard, Sam, thank you for your work. I am

fortunate and blessed to do get to do this work. The

more I realize how much I need you -- all of you in this

room to draw inspiration from and get my cues as to how

to go deeper. I am just really grateful to be amongst

this fraternity of people, among this fraternity of

artists who have the good fortune of getting to deal and

wrestle with the human condition and trying to do that

responsibly, so thank you so much.

Viggo, it has just been an honor to go on this

journey with you. You are such a beautiful actor and an

amazing person.

Thank you for making me better to my wife, Amatus,

and my daughter, Bari.

Thank you, Peter Farrelly. I sincerely appreciate

the opportunity. Thank you.