Transcript Black Panther

CHADWICK BOSEMAN: Well, I'll be, I didn't think I was going to have to speak. Obviously we have to thank SAG-AFTRA for this moment of appreciation and celebration of this film. Thank our director Ryan Coogler. He is a genius. Got to run through the names of the execs: Bob ger, Hannah Horn, Nate Moore, Louis D'Esposito, Victoria Alonso, and -- Kevin -- Wait. I'll get it. I have save the best for last. I am not going to forget. I am not going to forget Kevin Feige. Kevin Feige. And this cast, this ensemble that -- you know, when I think of going to work every day and the passion and the intelligence, the resolve, the discipline that everybody showed, I also think of two questions that we all have received during the course of multiple publicity runs. And one is: Did we know that this movie was going to receive this kind of response? Meaning, was it going to make billions of dollars? Was it's going to make a billion dollars? Was it going to still be around during this award's season. And the second question is: Has it changed the industry. Has it actually changed the way that this industry works? How it sees us? And my answer to that is to be young, gifted, and black. Because all of us up here know -- and, Andy, we include you too. Man, you got great timing, boy. Great timing.

To be young, gifted, and black, we all know what it is like to be told that there is not a place for you to be featured. Yet, you are young, gifted, and black. We know what it is like to be told to say there is not a screen for you to be featured on, a stage for you to be featured on. We know what it is like to be a tail and not the head. We know what it is like to be beneath and not above. And that is what we went to work with every day because we knew, not that we would be around during an award's season and that it would make a billion dollars, but we knew that we had something special that we wanted to give the world. That we could be full human beings in the roles that we were playing. That we could create a world that exemplified a world that we wanted to see. We knew that we had something that we wanted to give. And to come to work with every day and solve problems with this group of people every day with this director, that is something that I wish all actors would get the opportunity to experience. If you get to experience that, you will be a fulfilled artist.

Now, the question of -- what is that -- the question of, you know, we will be around -- don't give me the music. The question of will we will be around during the award's season, I just have to say it, you know, it is a pleasure to be celebrated by you, to be loved by you. And one thing I do know, did it change the industry? I know that you can't have a Black Panther now without a "2" on it. So we love you, and we celebrate.