Transcript Six Feet Under

I was nominated with some other incredible women in this category. And they called my name, so I thank you. And I’ve seen people here that I’ve known for years. Meryl Streep was gracious enough to come up and say hello to me this year. So many people ­ because this is a family, and we’ve worked with one another in many capacities and many jobs that we’ve always felt fortunate to get. And we’ve either been in Actors Equity or AFTRA or SAG, and they’ve protected us. And that’s an important thing.

And I love the show that I’m on. Peter Krause, Michael Hall, Lauren Ambrose, Rachel Griffiths, Jamie Cromwell, Matthew St. Patrick, Freddie Rodriguez. Shoot me if I’ve forgotten anybody. But I love everybody on the show and Alan Ball and Alan. And everybody at HBO are very loving and nurturing. I’m deeply honored.