Transcript The Wife

We can't keep meeting like this. Oh, my gosh. I am

so proud to be in this union. I am so proud to receive this

award from my fellow actors, and I think of all of us sitting

in the room and I think of all of you watching on TV, all of

you who haven't had the chances that we've had. And I solute

you with this.

I... one of the most powerful things that we have

as human beings are two eyes looking into two eyes, and film

is the only art form that allows us the close-up, and it

substitutes for real life, two eyes looking into two eyes.

And I think we have to remember how powerful that is in a

world that is consumed with different size screens; that the

power that we have are two human eyes looking into two other


That will give us empathy and understanding. And I

just want to thank the incredible crew, the Glaswegian crew,

the crew in Sweden. I want to thank my director Björn Runge

Ulf Brantås, our wonderful DP; Lena, Lena, who is our editor.

I want to thank Jane Anderson for a beautiful script, Meg

Wilitzer for an incredible novel.

My beautiful Jonathan Price, you can't have a wife

without a husband. He was a magnificent collaborator.

Thank you so much for honoring me with this. I

honor you. I am so proud to be part of you. Thank you.