Transcript 24

I am stunned. I got to walk by one of the guys who got me started, Mr. Sean Penn. Thank you. [applause] I want to make this about actors because that’s what this evening is about, but I have to thank our writers, because without them we couldn’t do this.

To Joel, Bob, Michael, Howard, all of the writers on “24,” you have given us so much pleasure to deliver the scenes, and your work. Very quickly, I realized I wanted to be an actor, I was about 14, I was watching a performance of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf,” and somewhere between the first and second act, I forgot my mother was playing Martha and… [laughter] I realized how powerful that was. As my interest grew, I started to spend time with her friends, other actors, and I realized that as different as they all were, they were connected by a bond.

And there was a freedom in that bond and they became my family and as my career has developed, actors have been my family, and to get this from you, I cannot thank you enough.

Thank you very much. It’s a true honor. Cheers.