Transcript Cold Mountain

Oh my heart! Thank you very much. Thank you for inviting me here tonight, it is such an honor. I think it’s the nicest invitation of the year actually, and I’m beside myself. I believe me all know that you’re only as good as the folks that you’re working with, and I was spoiled for riches on this experience with “Cold Mountain.”

I have to say thank you to Charles Frazier who wrote such a beautiful book, and I was blessed to be part of the filming of the book and playing Ruby. Thank you to the entire cast and crew, I mean, Jude and Nicole. It was such an honor to go to work every day beside you, and especially to Anthony Minghella whose picture I will always, always be so proud to have been part of. I got a great group of people that I get to work with, who have integrity and who teach me every day that yeah good guys can go all right in Hollywood.

Thanks to that crew, SCAA, my fellows Brian and Brant and Kevin, and Jenny Rawlings. And my wonderful John Carrabino who tells the truth. Everybody needs a John Carrabino, I have to tell you. I’m lucky to hold your hand and to hear your words of wisdom. Thank you.

Thank you for this. I am so blessed, it is a wonderful life. Thank you. [applause]