Transcript Walk The Line

Oh my God, y'all. [laughter] Okay... sometimes I can't just shake the feeling that I'm really just a little girl from Tennessee, but... I'm just really - Tennessee, right? [laughter] I just want to say thank you so much to the Screen Actors Guild, I'm just so thrilled to be an actor. When I told my parents I wanted to be an actor when I was seven, they thought I was completely crazy - because they're doctor. But they continued to take me to acting lessons and really supported me.

And I want to say that my biggest inspiration, obviously for this movie, was June Carter. She's just an incredible woman. She was not only a very accomplished musician who played many instruments, she was a wonderful wife, who supported her husband and an unbelievably giving mother, and a great friend. And I think there are so many women who are the quiet, sort of silent, frequently unacknowledged center of so many people's lives. And I think I'm just really honored to bring her out of a certain shadow and into the light in this performance. [applause] So, she really deserves it.

I just want to thank everybody at Fox for giving me this opportunity, Tom Rothman and Jim Gianapoulos and Carla Hacken and Elizabeth Gabler; Jim Mangold for writing and directing this wonderful script. And Cathy Konrad and James Keach for producing it, T-Bone Burnett for the beautiful music that was the spirit of the film. And mostly, Joaquin Phoenix. Without your John, there was no June. [applause]

I want to thank my representation for so many years, I have just the best representatives, Steve Warren, my attorney – he’s great, and my agent of 15 years; Steve Dontanville, who just left the business. [applause] He left being an agent and I miss him so much. Nancy Ryder, my true and always friend, and Evelyn O'Neill, my manager for 13 years, who is my constant support. And of course, my family, my husband, my children, who were there with me every moment, supporting me when I was shaking. [laughs] And the quiet center of my life, my mother and my grandma, who really just aren't acknowledged enough, so I'm sharing this with them. Okay. Thanks. [applause]