Transcript Copote

Wow... this is nerve-wracking. I want to thank the Guild very much for this honor. It's a huge, huge, huge honor. And I just was watching these clips, and I love actors, too. Everyone's been saying that tonight, and I love and have loved the performances of these actors for a long time. And I wanted to say, David Straithairn, I saw you last night, and I wanted to say to you that I looked up to you when I was younger, and I still look up to you. And I think a lot of people in this room feel the same way. [applause/cheers]

And I want to thank Sony Classics, you guys are fabulous. You guys have been fabulous. And I wanted to talk about my “Capote” family, 'cause that's really what we are. And I have all the names here 'cause I didn't want to forget anybody. Catherine Keener, well, you all know about Catherine Keener. [applause] Clifton Collins, who is fabulous in this. Bruce Greenwood, Chris Cooper, you know. [applause]... Mark Pellegrino, who I think – the most fantastic transformation in this film. [applause] Bob Balaban, my friend; Amy Ryan, the beautiful, beautiful Amy Ryan, and Marshall Bell.

I think that it's important to say that actors can't act alone. It's impossible, except if you're doing a solo performance or something, but it's pretty impossible. And what we have to do is support each other. And competition like this sometimes is tough, because really what we need to do is support each other. And actors have to have each other's backs. [applause] It's the only way to act well. It's the only way to act well is when you know the other actor has your back. And these actors had my back. And I hope they know that I had theirs.