Transcript Crash

TERRENCE HOWARD: Wow... Okay, since I'm holding the statue, I might... The only thing I can say is, when we were first given the opportunity to work on this incredible script by Paul Haggis, and we heard that Don Cheadle, who, I mean, everyone in this room just almost worships because of his dedication. So, I think it's only appropriate that you do this right here.

DON CHEADLE: Thank you. [applause/cheers] I'm hobbling up here. I just have to say to everybody, pay your gambling debts. You don't want this... [laughter] to happen to you. I’m gonna read it. Thank you very much, on behalf of the entire cast. I'd like to thank our peers, the Screen Actors Guild. We definitely appreciate it, thank you for acknowledging our film. We believe that it really celebrates the definition of what an ensemble is all about. I mean, there's 74 of us, so it... [laughter] has to be...

And we came together because of Paul Haggis, our fearless leader. Where are you, Paul?

SANDRA BULLOCK: Right there. [applause]

CHEADLE: Thank you. And Bobby Moresco... [applause continues] wonderful script. And it's a film that doesn't end when the credits roll, and it's a discussion that we've all heard out in the world many, many times, and it's great that it's just sort of started a dialogue about things that people on the surface really seem to not want to talk about. But it's great to have the opportunity to speak about this film and to speak about the ideas that it presents.

And individually, I'd like to thank Sandra, Terrence, Michael, Matt, Loretta, Keith, Jennifer, Bill, Brendan, Nona, Ryan, Larenz, Chris, who else? Bahar, Shaun, Beverly - I got you - Sandy and Tony. Thank you very much. Thank you. [applause]