Transcript Sex And The City

KRISTIN DAVIS: Omigod! I’m the designated speaker, so bear with me. Hold on… You know, you guys have been unbelievably generous to us during the course of our show. And it means so much to all of us, and to Sarah Jessica, that you have embraced us, and that so many of you have come to act with us. We’ve had more good-looking men on our show—

KIM CATTRALL: And more fun.

DAVIS: Absolutely. So we want to thank you. It’s meant more than I think any of us have found a good way to express. We want to thank HBO for being brave and letting us do some strange things. And we want to thank Sarah Jessica, and Michael Patrick, and all of our wonderful writers. And all of our background players who had to look like they were having the most fun at a nightclub ever, in New York City, ever. So we will all miss you so much. And thank you again.

CATTRALL: Thank you.