BERNARD HILL: The ensemble qualities of this award go way beyond the cast I think. I think everyone here realizes that we sit atop a kind of pyramid of talent, we actors. Because we can’t do what we do without the whole structure beneath us, and I think we’re all very aware of that, and very appreciative of the producers, the writers, the directors, and the make-up people, and the people who arrange the trailers in a circle and keep them warm for us in the morning, and make sure that we’ve got coffee and tea and things that keep us going during the day, and all that kind of stuff. We haven’t got very long, but we thank the… [laughs] here comes the next president of the United States. [laughter]

We thank the Screen Actors Guild and everybody who voted for us. Thank you very much. [applause]

SEAN ASTIN: Our king… one of our kings. A couple of them aren’t here, Elijah Wood is not here, and Viggo Mortensen is not here, and Orlando Bloom’s not here, but they’re with us in spirit.

I wanted to seize a moment. My mom was the president of this union for a year and a half ­ or a term and a half, I should say… To the union, I’m worried about the labor movement in our country. Tim Robbins said that he encouraged the power that’s in the room to bring productions back to America. I agree with him. [applause] I think it’s incumbent.

I want to encourage all of the power in the room in front of the camera to pay attention to our union when it’s not the awards show. There is internecine strife, there is controversy, and there is a time for all of us, and a way for all of us to look a little bit more closely. Some of us make a lot more money than others of us, but I think we need to be involved, or the union will not endure, and these awards shows will not last.