Transcript SHAMELESS

WILLIAM H. MACY: Thank you, all. Thank you,

my fellow actors.

That was not planned. Anthony and

Aziz and Larry and Sean and Marc, good to see you

again. I like our category best.

A couple years ago, I was privy to a

conversation where my friend David Mamet, who was

really my mentor and taught me everything I know,

was talking to a journalist. And the journalist

said actors have a weird job. We just tell lies

for a living.

And David Mamet said, "No, no. An

actor's job is to tell the truth."

And after a confused conversation, the

journalist finally said, "Well, I think we are

saying the same thing." But they weren't.

And even though our lines and the

stories we're told are given to us by writers, it's

our job under those imaginary circumstances to find

the truth. And I think it's a glorious way to make

a living especially in this day and age when so

many people either can't recognize the truth or

don't think it's important.

And to my fellow nominees, you are

very good at doing that. And, uhm, if you will


indulge me, Felicity Huffman, I love you so much.

And Sophia and Georgia, I'm proud to be your dad.

Thank you, folks. Thank you, my

fellow actors.