Transcript VEEP

MATT WALSH: Well, we have a large cast, so I was
hand chosen because I play a spokesperson, and I'm very
well-spoken on the show and in real life. And so I was
selected because I was really good at large events and large
Uh... uh... Oh, sorry.
I'd like to thank HBO. Who is not here. Sorry.
I'd like -- I'd like to thank Julia, of course.
Julia our leader, who also, unfortunately, is not here. Sorry
about that.
What? I'd like to thank Dave Mandel, who also is not
Oh, Julia's in New York doing a play. Sorry. That's
why she's not here. Oh, Anna. Anna Chlumsky is in New York
doing a play. That's why she's not here.
TIMOTHY SIMONS: They already know that! You're
blowing this. Come on.
MATT WALSH: Sorry. All right. In all sincerity, a
room full of such tremendous talent and hard-working union
members. Unions are so important.
TIMOTHY SIMONS: Actors. Called actors.
MATT WALSH: Sorry. Sorry. Actors. We do sincerely
love that you gave us this wonderful Grammy so thank you.
TIMOTHY SIMONS: No, come on, it's SAG.
MATT WALSH: SAG award. Sorry. Thank you very much.
Thank you.