Transcript THIS IS US

MILO VENTIMIGLIA: We would like to thank the

SAG-AFTRA members, voters, and 20th Century Fox Studios

and NBC.

We are just a small collection of a lot of very

talented, very hardworking people that work on this

show. Dan Fogelman, our creator. Without Dan and our

talented writers, we would not have words to say, and we

actors, we know how important those words are.

John Requa, Glenn Ficarra, Ken Olin, Yasu

Tanida, our DP, our entire crew, our hair and makeup,

our camera, our wardrobe, sound, our genie, our post-

and pre-productions, our transpo, our ADs and PAs, the

people that kind of run us to and from sets, our casting


Our casting directors start at the studio and

the network. I'm going to say Sharon Klein and Grace

Wu. Tiffany Little Canfield and Josh Einsohn and Bernie

Telsey, you give us, first, a job; and second, wonderful

players to work with week in and week out. Thank you.

And there's one more thing, the people that

watch with us every Tuesday night, uhm, and embrace this

show that reflects positivity and hope, inclusion, we

love you. Thank you very much.