Transcript THIS IS US

STERLING K. BROWN: All right. Clock's a-tickin'. I

get kind of p- -- testy when I see ticking clocks so.

What a blessing it is to do what you love for a

living. What an honor it is to be recognized by your peers for

a job well done. This room is a source of endless inspiration

for me. I love all of y'all. People call us weird and

strange. The truth of the matter is, everybody's weird and

strange, and we just embrace ourselves for who we are.

I love actors so much I decided to marry one, Ryan

Michelle Bathe. You're the best scene partner a brotha's ever


To my glorious cast of This is Us: I -- you guys

feed me day in, day out. You raise the bar.

To my white family, which thankfully is nothing like

the family from Get Out: I love you.

To my TV wife Susan Kelechi Watson: Let's keep on

repping for the people.

To the two other young actors that play Randall, to

Loni and Niles: Thank you for making the work so easy and so


To all those people out there still hustling, trying

to -- trying to make it: The fame won't sustain you. The

money won't sustain you. The love, keep that love alive.

It'll keep you going.