Transcript Elizabeth I

Into the lion’s den. As Helen said, it was you lot… that sort of taught me what it was – what one was supposed to do. In fact, I remember the very first time I went to New York and I asked the guy on Fifth Avenue the way to get to Madison Avenue. And he said, “What do I look like, an employee bureau?” I mean, “an information bureau?” [laughter] It was a joke.

And I thought, everybody in America wants to be a movie star, they all sound like movie stars. And here is a room full of movie stars giving me, who, whenever I start a job, feel like a plumber, [laughter] giving me an accolade, it is fantastic to be singled out among such… co-nominees: Mr. Duvall, who, the first time I heard word of Duvall was when I was going to play with Miss Glenn Close and he was a great friend of hers. And he said, “How can you trust a guy who sounds like that?” [laughter] And yet she did, and it worked, and I don’t know, we just do our… I’m just amazed by this.

Thank you very much. It’s a huge honor. I shall treasure it forever. [applause]