SAM ROCKWELL: Wow. I love Ozark. I love Ozark.

Hey. Wow. Whoo. Oh, my gosh.

I wanna thank every member of SAG-AFTRA. This is

awesome. To be alongside Willem DeFoe, Richard Jenkins, Steve

Carell. And my brother Woody Harrelson, I love you, Dude.

Love you, man.

This incredible ensemble. Martin McDonagh, our

fearless leader. I wouldn't be standing here if it wasn't for

you. My beloved Leslie Bibb, who puts up with me. Rhonda,

Jason, Elise Knickerbocker.

My mom and dad were actors. They dragged me to

rehearsals at A.C.T. when I was a little baby, and I slowly

realized that these people are nuts. Actors are -- I love 'em.

I love actors, and I love my mom and dad.

I delivered burritos on a bicycle. I bussed tables

to get through acting school. If you're a struggling actor out

there, hang in there.

And Frances McDormand, you're a powerhouse. I'm in

awe of you, and I stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you and all

the incredible women in this room to -- trying to make things

better. It's long overdue.

Thank you very much.