Transcript 30 Rock

Thank you, thank you to everyone in the Academy, this is a real honor. I’m really proud to be a member of this Union. This is a great Union that represents all of the actors that aren’t in this room tonight, who does great work on their behalf, [applause] who do great work on their behalf. And congratulations to all the other nominees.

I want to thank our writers, of course, no sitcom works without good writing, and Tina Fey, our cast, our crew. Especially Jonathan the focus puller, who at my age, misses the mark every now and then, [laughs] and shaves six or eight years off my close-ups, out there a silver cup. Thank you, Jonathan, very much. [laughter]

I want to thank the production people, Steve Davis, Rob Albertell, Jerry Kupfer. I want to thank NBC, Jerry Zucker, NBC Studios, Tifffany Nishimoto, and Summer Grindle, who worked with me. Matt Hiltzik, the people at CAA, Mike Rosenthal, Matt Delpiano, Lorne Michaels, my dear friend, because we all have to go to work for somebody every day, and I have a great boss in Lorne Michaels.

And I want to thank my mom. Mom, I love you. And I want to thank Nicole for all your love and all your kindness, and all your friendship. And thank you all very much. This is a real honor. Thank you. [applause]