Transcript Grey's Anatomy

Okay. Well, I’m sorry, Paula, I got your dress all wrinkled… First of all, it’s about those 10 cast members sitting over there, and the other one in rehab. I mean, y’all are just… [laughter] holding me together. I thank you so much, ‘cause we pull this thing off every week. I love you all for it.

Thank you, Shonda, for wanting me to do this role. Lord, bless your heart. And everything that you write for us, all those long things that you give me to say, do I have to keep saying all that stuff, those long paragraphs. Okay, thank you.

To… oh my goodness, my family here, Mikey, at home the girls. Thank you so much for going on this ride with me, for having an agent and a manager that have been with me 15 and 19 years, respectively. For holding on to me, thank you so much.

To – oh Lord – George Wolfe told me, “Look girl, you’re already talented or else you wouldn’t be in the room. So just go and do the work.” George said, “Just try to do the work every day.” And my friends, I feel you, so many wonderful friends I’m so lucky to have.

And last but not least, just to be able to take this thing home to my girls, in particular, and hold it in front of them and say, “Look, with this skin and this nose, and this height, and these arms,” you know, “I’m here!” Whoo! [applause/cheers]

Thank you Screen Actors Guild for taking me as I am. Thank you. Whoo!