FRANCES McDORMAND: Okay. Golly. Gee whiz. Hi,


I have a couple things to say. Representation.

We -- we -- we -- those tireless men and women, who represent

us truly, our desires, our dreams, our individual strengths and

our ethical beliefs, to them we owe a great deal.

To mine: Frank, Brian, Simon, full credit,

gentlemen. Full credit.

And to serving the word. When Martin wrote Three

Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, he did not sketch a

blueprint. He didn't string together a few words. He wrote,

meticulously crafted a tsunami, and then he allowed his troop

of actors to surf it into the shore. Thank you, Martin.

I also want to say, this is really great, and I thank

you. I come out of the woods every few years, and you let --

invite me to the party. But there's a lot of young ones coming

up, and they need doorstops too, let's think about that.